Wednesday, December 1, 2010

.Winsome Wednesday.

So, this week's Winsome Wednesday is going to be all over the place, because it's been a fun, inspiring couple of weeks!

First, my dear dear friend Alison got this hair pin from Anthropologie for me (along with this cuff and this photo album) and I love it SO MUCH that I knew I had to make a few knock offs in all watch for a tutorial on that!!
This skirt, I can't even formulate a sentence to express my obsession with this skirt!!

This, because I didn't believe it would be *that* cool when I did it, but it so totally WAS worth it!

I ordered these knee socks a while ago, and I was skeptical, but I couldn't NOT get them...I hoped upon hope they would be all I dreamed, and ohhhhhh they are... LOVE them...a lot.

And this awesome tutorial that I NEEEEEEED to make soon!

So, that is just a SMALL portion of the things that I found winsome and magical and inspirational this week...hope you guys enjoy them as well!!

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