Friday, December 3, 2010

.blank slate.

So, here it begins. I took EVERYTHING out the space upstairs last night, swept it, cleaned it up so that I truly have a fresh start. A blank slate. I thought this would make it EASIER to envision what I want out of the room. I feel equally all-over-the-map though...hahaha. All that is different in this picture right now, is imagine a bunch of white spackle spots on the wall/ceiling. I did that this morning and I will sand those down this afternoon and hopefully paint tonight or tomorrow.  I have decided to start with white and build on that.  I'll paint it all white and from that point add the pops of color that I can bet your last dime it will involve turquoise though ;) 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

.Thrift Store Thursday.

Welllll, I will say. It's been a while since I went to the thrift store...and I am embarrassed how much I forgot that I love it!  I usually make a circle of a few tried and true places. Unfortunately, anything here labeled "Antique Store", I avoid unless I have extra money.  I have discovered many people think that their crap  items are antique and that = worth WAY more than it actually is.  "Vintage jars of mayonnaise"....? Uh, no.

So, I went yesterday to one I haven't been to in months and found a really nice leather purse, and a pair of Steve Madden shoes that are A. Door. Uh. Bull.  I'm going to get a picture after I buff and polish them...;)

Today, I braved the cold again, in search of things to put in the new studio because storage and shelving are an issue I really want to rectify this time around.  Well...I scored in that department and more!!  I am going to do a progression of posts as I redo the room, so I am not going to post pics now...but I will TELL you all about them!  I got a rolling shelve (just over knee high), it was white, decent condition, with black casters, two shelves, maybe 2 1/5 feet wide...3.00!!  I also got a GREAT find....a different kind of rolling shelf unit, it's actually a document shelve, so it has a ton of shallow shelves, I'd guess 10 or so, kind of like a stack of rolling in-boxes! It will be GREAT for holding my decorative papers, it's not beautiful (industrial, 1986 wood veneer office looking LOL) but it can be worked with at only 7.99!! And, of course, as you see, a fantastic glazed ceramic deep baking dish that I ADORE...and it as just 2 little dollars!!!

Now, the biggest find, which some may think I am crazy for....
But, I don't care! It was an old, dirty, moldy, musty, nasty, cobwebby, mouse chewed box of books dating from the late 1800's into the early 1900's!!  Amazing stuff...probably 15 or so books!  All kinds too! Some botany books, some old school texts, an old geography book, a children's dictionary,
fliers, newspapers, a short book on women's care and keeping, check out these exercise shots! hahaha
I am certain that I let out a squeal when I saw the huge box, full of what others probably walked by a million times and thought 'UGH garbage'    And, drumrollllllll please??????



I was sold before I even saw the price! :D

I hope you heave each had an equally awesome "Thrift Store Thursday", please take my button up there ^^^ and link your TST posts in my comments!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

.sicky wicky.

So Tutorial Tuesday which would actually have fallen on a Wednesday will have to wait til Thursday along with Thrift Store Thursday because last night I started feeling ill and this morning's jaunt into grocery shopping mania didn't help. I love you winter, but I hate you too. hahaha...We had our first *real snow today!! It was pretty, but didn't stick, which I bummed me a touch :(   Hope everyone is well!!

.Winsome Wednesday.

So, this week's Winsome Wednesday is going to be all over the place, because it's been a fun, inspiring couple of weeks!

First, my dear dear friend Alison got this hair pin from Anthropologie for me (along with this cuff and this photo album) and I love it SO MUCH that I knew I had to make a few knock offs in all watch for a tutorial on that!!
This skirt, I can't even formulate a sentence to express my obsession with this skirt!!

This, because I didn't believe it would be *that* cool when I did it, but it so totally WAS worth it!

I ordered these knee socks a while ago, and I was skeptical, but I couldn't NOT get them...I hoped upon hope they would be all I dreamed, and ohhhhhh they are... LOVE them...a lot.

And this awesome tutorial that I NEEEEEEED to make soon!

So, that is just a SMALL portion of the things that I found winsome and magical and inspirational this week...hope you guys enjoy them as well!!