Tuesday, November 30, 2010

.where to start.

Okay, so I have a feeling of mixed elation and overwhelm  HAHAHA.

Background story...we bought this house, and it has two bedrooms downstairs, then the half story upstairs has two open rooms with a hall between them. The kids have been sharing the upstairs because they like being together, and it seemed practical. Well, it does get drafty up there, and now the kids have asked to move downstairs to what is my sewing/art/photography/guest room thing...we made the switch and they are happy as clams with the much smaller and shared space (go figure???)....

Sooooo, now I have the prospect before me of REVAMPING the upstairs space for my studio. I am both excited and overwhelmed.  Where to start? How do I want to decorate? What do I really want in my dream creative space????  So much to think about.

What spaces inspire you the most? What is your 'dream' studio?? :D

(the dorky shots are because I can't dare to post a post without a coupla' pictures, even if they are me and even if I am in such a giddy mood that I'm sure I'll chagrin later looking back at them ;P)

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