Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yeah, yeah...I have a serious addiction to the color.  Looking around me, I am actually a little chagrined at the fact that it's EVERYWHERE...living room walls, old paintings, decorations, bedroom walls, pillows, clothes, jewelry, accessories, THIS BLOG... and as I start a new painting...I notice, glaringly, that it is also this color that apparently bleeds from my eyeballs...as well as the paintbrush I am using to paint it. HA!

Oh well, what's to complain about?? It's a glorious shade, if you were to ask me ;)

Just popping in to say I MISS YOU people, and I am working on some new art, some new projects and a new 'idea' completely inspired by the stunningly gorgeous (andmakemesojealousofherawesomenessthatIcanhardlystandit) Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.  Of course mine will read more like.... 32  Things Before I'm 33 -_-, but what can I say...I am a child born in the 70's...even if it was late. way.late. into the decade ;)  So, I plan to work on that over the next day or so, watch for it...trust me, the list will be riveting.../sarcasm.

What is on your board?canvas?sewingmachine?camera?mind?ears?

Here's what's on MY EARS :P

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