Thursday, November 18, 2010

.one tiny thing and inspiration from within.

So, I have this bauble I made several years ago...and I have still not committed to turning it into anything. For a while it was going to be a hair pin, but I just couldn't bear to make it permanent...then it was going to be a ring, but that didn't feel right.  I just know it will be something fantastic, just not WHAT. It's just one tiny thing that is sitting here, staring at me, waiting for the stroke of genius to hit.

And, a more personal ramble. Lately I feel like i am looking around for inspiration left and right, up and down and it's never *quite* enough...nothing that grabs me and spins me for a I got the notion to look back through some of my older stuff and find what moved me way.back.when, and while I can't pinpoint it, knowing that at some point I WAS motivated and inspired and excited about art and creating (creatition? ;P)...and I just feel better knowing that, even though it's escaping me right now, it is there, it's possible and I CAN GET IT BACK ;)

Well, that rant is over. Hope everyone's beautiful Autumn Thursday is fantastic :D

Here, check it:

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