Saturday, August 14, 2010

Display at The Black Feather

For anyone local, I was given the privilege of hanging some of my art at The Black Feather Cafe here in Berea.

I'm super excited for the opportunity and to finally 'take the leap' in a local display.  If you are in the area, I urge you to stop in...not because of my paintings ;) but because the food, the coffee and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

When we moved from CA a few years ago, the day I finally walked into The Black Feather I felt like I'd *finally* found 'my spot' had the feelings of Sonoma that I missed so much. It was cool, chill and whatever the opposite of pretentious is :P.  Get a latte'.  It's my fave. 

Make sure you don't get it to go..take the time to sit and relax and enjoy.  Check out the little 'feather' in your foam. Relish the awesome mug made locally, and grab a soup and salad too!

Special thanks to Cecile for giving me the chance to hang Thomas, Ashley and Rose for being so awesome every time I come in.

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