Wednesday, July 21, 2010

.headband done and an 'eh' dress.

So, I finished the headband to go with the dress I was making liv. The headband was super easy...cover an old gold headband with black ribbon and throw on one of the posies from the other day...voila.

I LOVE how it turned out.

The dress is another story altogether.

I love the idea for the dress...the cinched neckline, big bow from the all that.  The fabric I ADORE...

But, Liv insisted on the length. Which I do not love.  It makes it look so 'meh' me.  I wanted it just below the knee...maybe right above...but she wanted it to her ankles...and this was a compromise.  :-/  I assured her I'd make a boho style broomstick skirt to her ankles but...she has her mother's assertive sense of self expression..sooooo we got this length. 

As long as she likes it, that's what counts, right? ;)   Oh, and the sun was stabbing her in the eyes when I took this...hence the icky face ;) she wasn't giving me stink eye or anything. :P

Now to finish her purse...*sigh* she keeps me busy and motivated and inspired I guess ;)


  1. maybe you can gradually talk her into letting you shorten it....b/c i agree that it would be uber cute at knee length, esp. with a set of black lace-trimmed leggings and some ballet flats. Great work and it is a pretty dress :)

  2. Could you do a line or two of shirring at the waist, to give it definition, but still be soft?

    Otherwise, yeah, how cute would that be at knee length or above, with the above mentioned tights and flats??