Monday, July 19, 2010

.so far so good.

Wow. These projects are going swimmingly ;)

First, a completed one.

This is the jewelry hanger I mentioned in my previous post.  It was simple, awesome and I am in love with how it looks!  My friend Murali posted the tutorial on her site so you can all go get picture directions on how to make it and trust want to make it.

I did make a few changes, obviously I didn't use a square piece of wood, I could only find small square and rectangle plaques at our local craft store, so this one was the right size, and I do like the shape.

Also, I bought the cup hooks she mentioned in her tutorial, but when I went to Wal Mart to get sandpaper, I found these BEAUTIFUL decorative hooks and they were 1.37 for a pack of 3....and so I couldn't resist ;) for around 5.00 total for them, I felt like they were worth it :P
So, on a scale of 1-10 on ease and awesomeness...I've give this a 10...super easy and super awesome.

My only problem (if you call it that) is where to put it! Bathroom or bedroom? hmmmmm lol ;)

I have also started making the posy flowers I mentioned in that same post.

WOW. Talk about easy but rewarding. They look high end and labor intensive but they just aren't.
and is super therapeutic to sit and make them...I found myself daydreaming and relaxing the whole time I made them.
The camera and the sunlight kind of messed up the green...but the blues are pretty spot on in my monitor...gorgeous colors. 

My plans are a few necklaces, a headband or two...a few hairclips and a shirt embellishment. Also, a large black one for Liv's dress :)

So, today (after a ton of chores that I now need to catch up on hahahaha) plans are to finish up with the posies, finish the dress and start a purse.
What's on your craft/sewing/photography/writing/creating table??


  1. And I'm still doing swap stuff, and still can't talk about it. :p

  2. You suck. I didn't see NUFFINK like those hooks when I was in the hardware store. :p I think I need a trip to Walmart. :D

    Don't those flowers ROCK!?? I love actually singeing the edges, so they go all brown and golden. GORGEOUS. I think I need to make some more. :p

  3. bahahaa...I was like " WAY...those are hooks? for 1.37????..." I kept comparing the name of the package to the price sticker to make sure I saw it right lol.

    Thanks for such an awesome idea! You rock :D