Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am so happy with this painting...and I never am overly pleased with my own work ;) so that's huge :P

It's going to be hard to put it up for sale...but I have other ideas floating in my mind, so I will just keep moving forward and hopefully come up with something equally pleasing as well.

I do think I need to find something other than trees to inspire me...because I looked around me and realized that 3 of the last 5 paintings I have done have been trees...

Also, I have been feeling very pulled towards my creative self lately...and miss the days where I spent my time homeschooling the kids in the morning and crafting in the afternoon and having family time in the evening...so I am working hard towards that place again...it's so fulfilling for me on all levels.  The difference being now that the kids are in public school I *should* have more time for exploring my inner creative self now ;)

I have several new features in mind for this site.  One being recurring themes each week...thinking "Make It Monday" for tutorials on some of my projects..."Thrift Store Thursday"...any who read my old blog "Done By Tuesday" may remember those...and a few others. 

This summer sun has been good for me, awakened me from the funk of a cross country move that has taken TOO LONG to recover from.

Getting back to my sewing, crafting, painting, photographing roots feels good ;)

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