Monday, July 26, 2010

.turtle love.

So, once again...a project brought to you by little Liv.  She has great ideas (and an insistent attitude.)

First off, the bag 'theme' was liv's idea...she had apparently seen two 'squirrels in love' on one of our hundreds of 'blog reading days' where we sit and look at all the awesomeness that is being created these days...

BUT she is super into the turtles and the oil spill now...and said she 'needed' the bag to have two turtles with a heart between them....her words.


Overall I am happy with how it came out.  We followed these instructions for the bag, making only minor adjustments.

The colors/fabrics/etc. were all Olivia's picking...even though I warned about such a light fabric for the body, she disagreed, and while it looks cute in pictures...having carried it all weekend, it now has some noticeable spots on it...I advised her to go with a print next time :P

What did you make this weekend?? :D

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  1. I made nothing. That I can be bothered showing, anyway. It's boring mundane stuff. :p Oh, wait, I finished the bench I made for the pool area! I need to show it! :D

    BTW...tagged you on my blog. :p