Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Another project I tackled while Nick was out of town was redoing the guest room.
yeah yeah...not the best quality of picture...but the light in there is not cooperative.at.all.

Nothing huge there, we sold the elliptical trainer, so that freed up quite a bit of space in there.. I was able to rearrange, center the bed, etc.  I painted the walls (2 of them) gray...and then

Here is where I need to insert a disclaimer.  I am usually SUPER GOOD at bookmarking/crediting where I got inspiration for my projects...even if I tweak them, etc.   I'll be straight up honest on this... I saw this somewhere and I don't know where...can't remember whose blog/site/etc.  So if it's you, please yell at me. thanks.

Okay...so where was I? Yes...

and then I painted a branch, hung some hooks (that I painted black because I couldn't find any that day that were already black and wasn't even going to THINK about waiting until I did.) and hung junk on them...and I *love* it....lovealovealove.

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