Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So, I found this chair at the thrift store...I *really* wish I'd gotten an actual 'before' shot of it..it was UGLY...like....*U*G*L*Y*/alibi, etc. ugly.

But, anyhow.....it had this hunter-green-but-faded-from-years-of-ugly-in-the-sun-plaid fabric on it, and looked like it was sad from it's ugly.

BUT I could see it's potential past the ugly. (Do you get the emphasis on ugly I'm trying to throw out here?)

And for 5 bucks, even if it was a flop...not a huge loss.   I had leftover paints and/or paints for other projects to work with...as well as the fabric in the sewing room.

I started by taking the seat off, setting that aside...I painted an undercoat of turquoise (my absolute favorite color), let it dry overnight and all day in the sun the next day...then I went over with a coat of black. This took a few coats, because I wanted it to be solid.  After that dried a day or so, I distressed it with some sandpaper...I couldn't get it fully captured in the pictures....but it's really vibrant peeking out from under the black!

Next I covered the seat, screwed it back onto the chair and it was BEAUTIFUL....if I do say so myself.

So, now it sits beautifully, stunningly in my guest room ;)...happy as can be in it's newfound gorgeousness :P
It makes me happy to look at it...fo' sho'.

Next up...
If I start my scarf NOW, maybe it'll be done by the middle of winter in January :D

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