Tuesday, September 14, 2010

.a local awesome.

So, you know of my love for The Black Feather...yeah...still love it.

I also LOVE local examples of AWESOME.

Another one I recently found (ironically-by way of a flier AT The Black Feather) is a new thrift shop.

(um, you have to love that name...if you don't you are cold.)

I love LOVE thrift stores.
Like, almost as much as my children.

This one is fantastic...I have gotten jeans, skirts, games, purses, shoes, books, JUNK all there...and it was *CHEAP*...like...I can go in with 5 bucks and come out with a pair of pink crocs for Liv, a purple 'hippie' skirt, a fantastic blouse and a judas priest cassette tape....that  kind of cheap.

Go in there...check them out, tell them hi.

Super friendly, super cute...and oh, what's this...an etsy shop as well? EVEN BETTER.

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  1. Thank you for featuring us in your wonderful blog! Come in and see us so we can give you a high five!!